4000 Watt Amada LC3015F1NT CO2 Laser, 2008 – 5′ x 10′ Table, Dust Collector, Chiller


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Maximum Output: 4.0 kW
Power Required: 96 KVA
X-Axis Travel: 128″
Y-Axis Travel: 60″
Z Axis Travel: 4″
Maximum Sheet Size: 60 x 120, 0.75″, 2000 lbs
Weight: Approximately 23,000 LBS

Maximum material thickness:
Carbon steel: 0.875″
Stainless steel: 0.500″ “CleanCut”
Aluminum: 0.375″

Equipped With:
Amada Resonator Fanuc Laser C4000
Dual pallet Amada shuttle table
Orion beam purge
Orion chiller
Robovent Dust Collector

Note: The following parts have about 2000 hours on them: Turbo, Vacuum pump, Internal optics, and external optics.