Haas ST-10Y CNC Lathe, 2019 – Sub Spindle, Parts Catcher, Chip Conveyor


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Max Swing Diameter: 16.5″
Chuck Size: 6.5″
Max Cutting Diameter (varies with turret): 12.0″
Max Cutting Length (varies with workholding): 16.0″
Bar Capacity: 1.75″
X Axis: 7.9″
Y Axis: ± 2.0″
Z Axis: 16.0″
Rapids on X,Y: 472ipm
Rapids on Z: 1200ipm
Spindle Nose: A2-5
Max Rating: 15 HP
Max Speed: 6,000 RPM
Turret: 12 positions
Live Tooling Max Speed: 6,000 RPM

Equipped With:

Haas CNC Control
Parts Catcher
Sub Spindle
Chip Conveyor
6.5″ Hydraulic Chuck
Hybrid VB10 Turret
Automatic Tool Presetter
Auto Door
Cabinet Cooler
Visual Programming System
Extended Warranty Through 2021