Tormach PCNC100 Series 3 Milling Machine, 2014


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Table working surface: 34″ X 9.5″
Maximum work piece weight on table: 500 LBS
X Travel: 18″
Y Travel: 9.5″
Z Travel: 16.25″
Infinitely variable spindle speeds: up to 7,500 RPM
Spindle taper: R-8
Approx. operating dimensions: 69″W X 56″D X 60″H
Machine weight: 1550 LBS.

Comes with the manual as well as numerous parts to go with the machine, including the following:
1. An electronic digital height gauge in a case with instructions (possibly bought from someone other than Tormach)
2. Tormach wrenches in the ER series
3. Numerous chucks, end mills and drill bits – some are Tormach, some are not.
4. Inserts – 2 pcs SEHT 43 AFSN x 45 and 5 pcs SEHT 1204 AFFN x 83
5. Granite Comparator 5x6x2″
6. Tormach E20 collet 30 pc set PN 30584 plus 8 “G” collets
7. Tormach parts No. 31818 (2), No. 31821 (1), No. 31824 (2)